Saturday, April 05, 2014

How can a reader of poetry resist fresh

...bird tracks? Fresh bird tracks in the fresh snow! So out I went with a couple books I haven't mentioned here yet, though I did on Facebook some time ago. And since it's poetry month I thought this would be the perfect time. Alas

The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013, selected by Glyn Maxwell.
Emily Dickinson The Gorgeous Nothings, edited by Marta Werner and Jen Bervin. 

before I could find a pleasing composition*, a vehicle pulled up dead ahead of this shot, just beyond the treeline, and sat there. No vehicles sit there. I was exposed. I grabbed the books and escaped around the side of the house. I barely had time to shovel the snow off the step before they came to the door. By then I was on the other side.  


*The books (both of which I am enjoying immensely) are sitting on a container, but I didn't sink it down far enough, so they appear to be hovering. That was not intended.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'd love to see an arts events calendar

...into which artists, publishers, organizations, etc, enter the date of their event and the city in which it will take place as soon as the date is set. 

Willow Ptarmigan this morning.

This would help avoid some unfortunate conflicts. Better yet, adequate lead time would give artists and communities more opportunities to make interesting and potentially generative connections and collaborations. This would benefit everyone. A national arts events website complete with interactive maps would be ideal. The eBird Canada website is a good example of how data and maps can benefit a community of birders, scientists and, of course, the birds. The technology is there.* Hopefully a similar site for arts events is already in the works.

*The idea of a Sask Arts Events app met with enthusiasm on Facebook and Twitter last night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Come spring some people treat themselves new rubber boots. Not me. I bought this book instead.

Besides, there's no need for rubber boots in this neck of the woods. Not yet.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's incredibly moving to read the index

...of The Literary History of Saskatchewan: Volume 2 ~ Progressions, or at least it was for me. 

edited by David Carpenter.

It's the first thing I did when H brought the book home from the post office this afternoon. All those writers, book titles, publishers, and organizations. So much has happened here. So much is happening.

It was a wonderful surprise to see my name and the titles of two of my books in the index. The essay "To House or House Not: The New Saskatchewan Women Poets" by William Robertson looks at the work of several writers, mine included. I am thrilled and grateful. It's especially heartening as I'm well into the writing of a new book and filled with all the excitement and uncertainty that goes along with it. Seeing my name and work among the others in the essay and in the index of this history is oddly comforting.

Friday, March 21, 2014

If you don't know what a 'geomantic riposte' is

...then head over to Jacket2. If you do know, go anyway. Many thanks to Garry Thomas Morse for reading my book Grid and conversing with it as part of his thought-provoking Geomantic Riposte series.